Children are curious and resourceful, and they will climb on furniture or toys to reach windows. This is why window guards and/or window alarms are a great idea. If your toddler or child can open a window, there is always the possibility of an accident. Babies and toddlers can trip over exposed wires and cables.

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  • Additionally, parents should keep medications well out of reach of their young children, and dispose of any old medication.
  • He was never interested in the outlets so that was a waste too.
  • Customer rating is one of the best criteria for choosing an baby proof kitchen cabinets.
  • They do not require any drilling, but you can still damage the surface of your glossy furniture.
  • If you do achieve that dream one day, permanently installed hardware locks can be taken off and moved to the new cabinets, but it’ll be quite a pain.

Your baby sees you turn on the faucet and water comes out. If your water is not set to below 120 degrees Fahrenheit, the water could be scalding hot. Prevent that and adjust the temperature to a safe one. Your bathroom is the place you are most likely to keep medicines. It is also the place you keep lotions, perfumes, mouth wash, etc. Even something that is seemingly innocent, like hand cream, may cause stomach upsets and diarrhea if swallowed in large amounts.

Which Stairs Should Be Babyproofed?

Once they’re older, the snack storage will totally belong to your kids. I like that you don’t have to mar up your cabinets with drilling baby play mat and screwing locks into the doors. Made to prevent bumps and bruises from sharp furniture, corners, and edges, they’re easy to secure to many surfaces. Whether you’re prepping to bring baby home from the hospital or you’re watching your little one grow by the day, it’s never too early to childproof your home. From sharp corners and stairs to cables and fireplaces, there are many potentially dangerous situations that can be avoided with the right products.

Baby Proofing Products That Parents Actually Swear By

There are not a lot of options for securing tall, heavy objects like dressers and bookshelves that do not involve drilling in the wall. Give your landlords statistics, and show them that it will be just a couple of screw holes per piece of furniture. Thankfully, most toxic plants have to be ingested in large quantities to really cause damage and they often taste awful. Unfortunately, many babies are up for the challenge so you may as well know which ones are problematic. Also, consider the other ways children can access medication.

If your child gets hold of a Qdos Finger Slam Guard, you don’t have to worry about your child biting off a piece. They are also made with non-toxic, firm, food-grade material. Qdos uses a unique material with non-slip properties and good ‘memory’ to stay in place. Other finger guards made from foam type materials tend to fall off doors over time. One of the most common injuries babies and kids experience are falls and bumps.

It’s quick, easily removable, and if wrapped tightly, most kids under the age of 2 will be unable to open it. If you’ve got older children, then you most likely have a drawer somewhere full of craft supplies. Simply use a ribbon, small rope, or cotton cord to tie a bow around the knobs or drawers that you want to keep shut.

MULTI-PURPOSE. Our high quality strap is flexible,strong and adjustable. The 3M adhesive makes the lock very secure against toddlers but it can be removed simply by adults. The beauty about these locks that has made many parents fall in love is that they occupy little to no space in your drawers and cabinets and are practically hidden when installed.

Keep knives, forks, scissors, and other sharp tools separate from “safe” kitchen utensils, and in a latched drawer. Avoid the dangers and put safety locks on all your bathroom cabinets. Never let your toddler see how you open the safety locks. The following do not necessarily make it onto baby proofing lists, but for the safety of your child, it needs to be mentioned.