Choose whether you want to display odds as decimal, fraction, percentage, or American format. This means that you’ll lose ₹7.50 when you bet on heads when the odds are 1.85. To put it another way, the bookie expects to make ₹7.50, in the long run, when you accept this bet. Because the answer is a minus number, we can see that it’s a negative EV bet. To make this even clearer, we can express this equation in a different way using the same probabilities and odds. If you want to derive the probability from a percentage, you do the reverse.

  • And some of the basics which will help you out to calculate further the expected value, variance & standard deviation of any specific portfolio.
  • To determine whether the portfolio’s components are properly aligned to meet the investor’s risk tolerance and investment goals.
  • You showed some weakness on the turn, and he might definitely call you with that kind of hand.
  • You will want to know specifics about the teams and sporting events involved.

Then click “calculate.” The calculator will calculate the house edge, assuming every bet has the same house edge. This calculator is intended to calculate how much juice a sports book takes out of its futures wager, so that you may compare who is offering the best odds overall. The strategy enables you to earn more by analyzing your bets correctly. For example, if you understand that betting football or tennis brings you more profit than betting some other sports – that is a weak spot of a bookmaker, and you can bet even more. Valuebets is an effective way to make money on sports betting.

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However, whichever outcome comes up from the match, you will make the same profit; 6.84. Most bookmakers protect themselves from running losses by optimizing the odds in their book such that they don’t provide arbitrage opportunities. This they do by providing odds that are lower than really are supposed to be.

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These numbers will be next to the name of each competing team. Now, you may be interested in learning to read odds because you want to bet on a specific sport. However, learning to understand the odds of a sport will prepare you to bet on other sports. It’s a measure of degree of relationship between two or more variables.

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We are going to need a starting bankroll and a staking plan in order to succeed. Whichever method you use to calculate implied odds is fine. Just remember that the more you practice doing these calculations, the easier it will be to make proper estimations at the table. This might lead you to ask “Which odds should I focus on when betting?

If you are unlucky again, you will be able to easily calculate the amount of your next bet. You are in luck, and your first bet brings you profit . If your bet lost, you would have to double it until you get the desired result. As you might notice, the match was between low-scoring teams, so your bet won in the final 15 minutes. This Anti-Martingale variation suggests that you stop betting after a streak of a predefined number of wins, and then start a new cycle with a minimum bet amount. Besides, the profit we have earned by that moment will be absorbed by the loss .

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We have built all the tools you need to make your sports betting better! Below we have a Kelly Criterion calculator and some more information on the Kelly Criterion in general. By simply entering a teams previous 5 results , the tool will calculate the likely result in the next match between the 2 teams. By using this statistical information, we work out the “correct” odds and if you find a bookie offering you higher odds than suggested, you have found a value bet and should have a wager. The Bet Majestic Football Value Calculator is a second part of this tool which makes calculating value bets on football matches remarkably simple and accurate.

Includes a full suite of ATS stats for a wide range of odds. Achieve more profitable results by leveraging powerful analytics. Sophisticated betting models handicap the true value of a betting opportunity. Just update the top two fields and the ratio & equity requirement get automatically populated for you.


Although these simulations take a lot of time to set up. Firstly we can assume that we will lose if we check this river. We only have Jack high and unless our opponent has a busted draw AND checks, we will not take this pot down. This means if you place 1500 bets with an average true odds of 2.0 you have to expect 10 losses in a row.